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The insulation glazing units IGLASS are used in the plastic windows SABAR. This insulation glazing unit protects and saves an environment, reduces the heating costs and provides a comfortable environment in apartment. New generation of thermal insulation glazing units keeps a heat within house and avoids an extensive overheating of residential areas in summer.

Insulation glazing units used in the plastic windows SABAR consist of 2 or 3 glass tiles. As a standard option, the glazing unit with heat transfer coefficient U=1.1 W/m2K and air noise protection 32 dB is used. Our offer includes a wide range of glazing unit compositions, colors, dividing decoration meshes and safety elements. These insulation glazing units consist of 2 or 3 glass tiles with distance between them determined by distance profiles with various widths.

Insulation glazing units are used for glazing of windows, doors, winter gardens and glazed facades.

Our Offer Includes the Following Types of Insulation Glazing Units:

SECURGLASS – Safety Insulation Glazing Units

A safety insulation glazing unit is obtained when a simple glass is replaced with flashed glass, hardened glass, wire glass or safety metal mesh.

  • Combination with flashed glass – flashed glass reduces a risk of human injury as the glass debris after destruction remains on plastic foil. Such flashed glass provides a protection against breaking and shooting.
  • Combination with hardened glass – hardened glass is several times stronger then a standard glass with the same thickness. It is used in case of increased wind load and thermal stress. Dull debris is produced in case of hardened glass destruction.
  • Combination with glass including a wire insert – glass integrity is maintained also under mechanic load and action of fire.
  • Combination with safety metal mesh – metal mesh is located between the glass tiles to provide a safety and decoration function.

THERMOGLASS – Thermal-Insulation Glazing Units

In comparison with standard thermal glazing units the thermal-insulation glazing units reduce the thermal losses. Should an internal glass tile of standard glass is replaced with low-emission glass (special metal layer on glass surface) a significant heat transfer reduction is achieved.

Additional reduction of this value is possible through a replacement of air in insulation glass cavity with low thermal conductivity gas. These insulation glazing units feature also additional interesting effect. High transmissivity in visible area of solar spectrum enable a relative high solar energy transfer to room, where a solar radiation converts to thermal radiation returned by a metal oxide layer on internal glass surface back to room. In this way a heat gain during cold periods is increased.

To achieve more functional and esthetic properties of this special insulation glazing unit, an external clear glass can be replaced with anti-solar or safety glass.

THERMOGLASS – Thermal-Insulation Glazing Units

Planibel Tri is a new product with a coating developed especially for insulation triple glazing units. In addition to low value of heat transfer coefficient (“U”) this glass offers higher light throughput and higher value of solar factor. In this way the glass maximizes heat gains from sun, i.e. it uses a solar energy for heating of your apartment.

Due to these unique properties the Planibel Tri meets the criterions for passive houses (“U” factor value - 0.7 W/(m2K) (passive house pre-condition - 0.8 W/(m2K)) and solar factor 60% (minimum value is 50%).

The independent studies showed that application of insulation triple glazing units with 2 glasses “Tri” and coating reduces the heating costs in new buildings in comparison with insulation glazing unit with 2 standard low-emission glasses. Installation of insulation triple glazing unit “Planibel Tri” not only reduces energy consumption but also increases a building value in respect to new legal requirements for certification of building energy severity.

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