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Plastic Entrance Doors

Hardly any element is of such importance in facade design as an entrance door. Door should be a “call card” of every house and a guarantee of maximum safety and durability. A wide offer of door systems SALAMANDER ranges from balcony doors and side entrance doors with Al door-step to entrance doors comparable with Al door in respect to thickness.

A symetric design, Al door-step with interrupted heat bridge, robust reinforcement with welded corner joints in wings – these are the basic design characteristics of entrance doors SALAMANDER. These characteristics result in reliable structure with high thermal insulation and with improved breaking resistance, if required.

Design of door profiles includes also a full scope of surface treatment and shapes. In this way an optimum alignment of windows and doors design on your house is provided.

Basic Characteristics of Plastic Entrance Doors

  • single- and double-wing
  • inwards and outwards opening
  • opening, sliding and folding design
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