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Sale of Flotation Sand – Grain: 0-1mm

Product Description

Flotation sand is produced as a by-product of flotation process used for iron and barite raw materials processing. Flotation sand is an inert material without any corrosive effect on steel and building materials without any adverse ecological and toxicological effects.

Quality Characteristics

Quality indicator Value
SiO2 35 - 45%
FeCO3 25 - 30%
BaSO4 5 - 10%
Al2O3 4 - 8%
CaCO3 1 - 2%
MgCO3 1 - 3%

Additional components: Inert metal and non-metal compounds.


Flotation sand is used:

  • in agglutinated road underlayers
  • as bed for various types and methods of pipeline laying

Packing and Transport

By trucks or railway transport (a railway siding available within the Plant).

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