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Drilling fluid-grade baryte - PTN 21101-003/00

Product Description

Drilling fluid-grade baryte is a bulk, powder material produced from flotation of baryte ore and subsequent milling of flotated barite concentrate with main component being a barium sulphate BaSO4.

Quality Characteristics

Quality indicator Value
BaSO4 min. 90%
Specific weight min. 4,2 g/cm3
Oversize fraction 0.075 mm max. 3,0 %
Wetting capacity It shall pass a foaming test
particles smaller than 6 µm   in equivalent overage of globular grain – max 30%

Additional quality characteristics can be agreed in purchase contract between a Supplier and Customer. BaSO4 content in dry matter is specified.


Drilling fluid-grade baryte can be used for example as load for preparation of drilling suspensions.

Packing and Transport

As standard option packed in paper bags (50kg) loaded on EUR palette per 1t. Upon Customer’s request an option of packing in the Big-Bags or option of bulk transport in the cistern trucks and/or covered railway carriages “Raj” is available. Railway or truck transport is used.

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