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Baryte - filler 75 - PTN 21101-004/00

Product Description

Baryte - filler 75 is a bulk, powder material produced by milling of flotated baryte concentrate to required grain, with main component being a barium sulphate BaSO4.

Quality Characteristics

Quality indicator Value
BaSO4 min. 93%
Specific weight min. 4,2g / cm3
Water leachate pH 6,0 - 10,0
Oil consumption max. 12,0g / 100g
Oversize fraction 0.075 mm max. 2%

Additional quality characteristics can be agreed in purchase contract between a Supplier and Customer. BaSO4 content in dry matter is specified.


Baryte - filler 75 is used:

  • as filler in production of floor covering, paints, varnishes, brake linings, plastic pressings
  • in rubber industry, etc.

Packing and Transport

Packed in paper bags (50kg) on palettes, in Big-Bags, tanks and/or an option of other packing upon agreement with Customer – in covered railway carriages or trucks.

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