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Baryte crushed material - PTN 21101-001/07

Quality Characteristics

Baryte crushed material – a natural heavy aggregate with higher baryte content is a mixture of baryte minerals BaSO4, siderite FeCO3, quartz SiO2 and other accompanying rocks. Production includes a baryte raw material crushing and sorting with main component being a barium sulphate BaSO4.

Quality Characteristics

Quality indicator Fraction 0-4 mm Fraction 4-16 mm Fraction 6-32 mm
BaSO4 min. 45,0% min. 45,0% min. 40,0%
Specific weight min. 3,7 g/cm3 min. 3,7 g/cm3 min. 3,5 g/cm3
H2O content max. 5,0% max. 5% max. 2,5%


Barite crushed material is used as filler in production of mortars and concretes used for:

  • production of concrete elements with higher bulk density
  • production of concretes and plasters providing a radiation protection of persons against IRR

Packing and Transport

This product is usually supplied as bulk material on uncovered railway carriages and trucks. Upon Customer’s request an option of packing in PE bags (approx. 50kg) on palettes, in Big-Bags (approx. 1000kg/bag) and/or other packing if available.

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