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Company profile

The SABAR, s.r.o. has been incorporated in 1999. The Company carries out the active business activities in full portfolio since 2002 when the Company continued with the tradition of construction, production and business activities of Želba a.s.
The portfolio of our products and services:
The mining activities are based on barium sulphate extraction and its processing to heavy aggregate and aggregate for special plasters. At higher level, there is the production of various assortments of ground barite products intended for further industrial processing for production of plastics, rubbers, building materials, etc.
The construction activities are based on realization of industrial projects and amenities including a reconstruction thereof. The Company has an up-to-date plant available for these construction activities for production of plastic windows and doors – the products being supplied also to external Customers. The new technological equipment installed in this Plant has been purchased in 2006 with support of EU funds and this equipment guarantees a high quality production. In addition, the Company is using only the top quality materials from leading manufacturers for production of windows.
In addition to these activities, the Company operates a managed inert waste stock-pile and a waste recycling facility.


The introduced and maintained Quality Management System acc. to international standards ISO 9001 guarantees a high quality production and Customers´ satisfaction.
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